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1 a
And he answered, Y'hovah, Iyov from the tempest, and he said:

2 b
'Who this making dark being advised with ones being spoken lacking of knowledge?

3 g
Gird now like one being strong loins of you and I will ask you and you make known to me.

4 d
Where here you where when to found me earth? Make clear if you know understanding.

5 h
Who he set ones being measured of her that you know? Or who he pitched ones on her line?

6 w
On what bases of her they were sunk? Or who he cast stone of corner of her?

7 z
When to shriek together, stars of morning, and they shouted all of sons of Elohim.

8 x
and he screened with doors sea when to burst him from womb he came forth;

9 j
when to set me cloud being wrapped on of him and being dense being swaddled of him.

10 y
And I broke ones over him being decreed of me, and I put bar and doors,

11 ay
and I said: 'Upto here you come in and not you do more; and here he will set with being risen up waves of you.'

12 by
From days of you you charged morning, you made know, dawn, place of him;

NOTE: Qere for 4th and 5th words r;x;v;h 'T.[;Diy

13 gy
to seize on corners of the earth and they are shaken, ones being wicked, from her?

14 dy
She is changed like clay of sealing, and they are stationed like being wrapped on.

15 hj
And he is withheld from ones being wicked being light of them, and arm rising high she is broken.

16 wj
Did you go in to ones being burst of sea and in being searched of being deep you went?

17 zy

18 xy

19 jy
Where this the being trod he dwells, light, and being dark where this place of him;

20 k
indeed will you take him to border of him, and indeed do you discern ones being trod of house of him?

21 ak
You know surely then you were born and being counted of days of you ones being many.

22 bk
Did you go in to ones being stored of snow and ones being stored of lightning you saw?

23 gk
That I reserved for time of being cramped, for day of war and being fought.

24 dk
Where this the being trod he divides light, he scatters ones being east ones over of earth?

25 hk
Who he split for the overflowing trench, and being trod for the thunderbolt sounds;

26 wk
To make rain on land no man; wilderness no man on him;

27 zk
to make satisfied being devasted and being ruined, and to make sprout going forth of being sprouted?

28 xk
Being to the being rained father? Or who he begat drops of dew?

29 jk
From belly of whom he comes forth the ice, and frost of heavens whom he fathered him?

30 l
Like the stone waters they are hidden and surfaces of being deep they are frozen.

31 al
Can you bind ones making bound of Pleiades, or ones drawing of Orion will you loosen?

32 bl
Can you make go Mazarot in season of him? And bear over sons of her you guide them?

33 gl
Know you ones being decreed of heavens? Can you put dominion of him over the earth?

34 dl
You make high to the cloud voice of you, and abundance of waters she cover you?

35 hl

36 wl
Who he put in the ones being inner wisdom? Or who he gave to the mind understanding?

37 zl
Who he counts clouds with wisdom? And skins of heavens who he makes lie,

38 xl

39 jl
Will you hunt for one roaring being torn, and being alive of cubs will you fill?

40 m
Indeed they bow down in the lairs, they sit in the booth for lurking.

41 am
Who he prepared for the raven being hunted of him? Indeed ones being born of him to El they cry out, they wander for being without being eaten.

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