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~yiLih.t T'HILIM PSALMS 28

1 a
Of David. Ones to you, Y'hovah, I call, rock of me,

2 b
Hear sound of supplications of me when to cry out me ones to you, when to lift me hands of me to sanctuary of holiness of you.

3 g
Not you draw me with ones being wicked and with ones working of iniquity, ones speaking of being peaceful with ones being associated of them and being evil in heart of them.

4 d
Give to them as being worked of them and as evil dealings of them, as being done of hands of them give to the them, make go back being dealt of them to the them.

5 h
Indeed not they discern about ones being worked of Y'hovah and about being done of hands of him; he will tear down them and not he will build them.

6 w
Being praised Y'hovah since he heard sound of supplications of me.

7 z
Y'hovah, strength of me and shield of me, in him he trusts, heart of me, and I am helped and he jumps for joy heart of me and from being sung of me I thank him.

8 x

9 j
Make free people of you and bless being inherited of you, tend them and sustain them until the everlasting.

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