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haYashar Jasher 14

1 a:

In those days there was in the land of Shin'ar (8152) a wise man who had understanding in all wisdom, and of a beautiful appearance, but he was poor and indigent; his name was Rikayon and he was hard set to support himself.

2 b:

And he resolved to go to Mits'rayim (4714), to Oswiris the son of Anom one reigning of Mits'rayim (4714), to show the one reigning his wisdom; for perhaps he might find grace in his sight, to raise him up and give him maintenance; and Rikayon did so.

3 g:

And when Rikayon came to Mits'rayim (4714) he asked the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) concerning the one reigning, and the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) told him the custom of the one reigning of Mits'rayim (4714), for it was then the custom of the one reigning of Mits'rayim (4714) that he went from his royal palace and was seen abroad only one day in the year, and after that the one reigning would return to his palace to remain there.

4 d:

And on the day when the one reigning went forth he passed judgment in the land, and every one having a suit came before the one reigning that day to obtain his request.

5 h:

And when Rikayon heard of the custom in Mits'rayim (4714) and that he could not come into the presence of the one reigning, he grieved greatly and was very sorrowful.

6 w:

And in the evening Rikayon went out and found a house in ruins, formerly a bake house in Mits'rayim (4714), and he abode there all night in bitterness of soul and pinched with hunger, and sleep was removed from his eyes.

7 z:

And Rikayon considered within himself what he should do in the town until the one reigning made his appearance, and how he might maintain himself there.

8 x:

And he rose in the morning and walked about, and met in his way those who sold vegetables and various sorts of seed with which they supplied the inhabitants.

9 j:

And Rikayon wished to do the same in order to get a maintenance in the city, but he was unacquainted with the custom of the people, and he was like a blind man among them.

10 y:

And he went and obtained vegetables to sell them for his support, and the rabble assembled about him and ridiculed him, and took his vegetables from him and left him nothing.

11 ay:

And he rose up from there in bitterness of soul, and went sighing to the bake house in which he had remained all the night before, and he slept there the second night.

12 by:

And on that night again he reasoned within himself how he could save himself from starvation, and he devised a scheme how to act.

13 gy:

And he rose up in the morning and acted ingeniously, and went and hired thirty strong men of the rabble, carrying their war instruments in their hands, and he led them to the top of the sepulchre of Mits'rayim (4714), and he placed them there.

14 dy:

And he commanded them, saying, Thus saith the one reigning, Strengthen yourselves and be valiant men, and let no man be buried here until two hundred pieces of silver be given, and then he may be buried; and those men did according to the order of Rikayon to the people of Mits'rayim (4714) the whole of that year.

15 hj:

And in eight months time Rikayon and his men gathered great riches of silver and gold, and Rikayon took a great quantity of horses and other animals, and he hired more men, and he gave them horses and they remained with him.

16 wj:

And when the year came round, at the time the one reigning went forth into the town, all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) assembled together to speak to him concerning the work of Rikayon and his men.

17 zy:

And the one reigning went forth on the appointed day, and all Mits'rayim (4714) came before him and cried unto him, saying,

18 xy:

May the one reigning live forever. What is this thing thou doest in the town to thy servants, not to suffer a dead body to be buried until so much silver and gold be given? Was there ever the like unto this done in the whole earth, from the days of former ones reigning yea even from the days of Adam (120), unto this day, that the dead should not be buried only for a set price?

19 jy:

We know it to be the custom of ones reigning to take a yearly tax from the living, but thou dost not only do this, but from the dead also thou exactest a tax day by day.

20 k:

Now, O one reigning, we can no more bear this, for the whole city is ruined on this account, and dost thou not know it?

21 ak:

And when the one reigning heard all that they had spoken he was very wroth, and his anger burned within him at this affair, for he had known nothing of it.

22 bk:

And the one reigning said, Who and where is he that dares to do this wicked thing in my land without my command? Surely you will tell me.

23 gk:

And they told him all the works of Rikayon and his men, and the one reigning's anger was aroused, and he ordered Rikayon and his men to be brought before him.

24 dk:

And Rikayon took about a thousand children, sons and daughters, and clothed them in silk and embroidery, and he set them upon horses and sent them to the one reigning by means of his men, and he also took a great quantity of silver and gold and precious stones, and a strong and beautiful horse, as a present for the one reigning, with which he came before the one reigning and bowed down to the earth before him; and the one reigning, his servants and all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) wondered at the work of Rikayon, and they saw his riches and the present that he had brought to the one reigning.

25 hk:

And it greatly pleased the one reigning and he wondered at it; and when Rikayon sat before him the one reigning asked him concerning all his works, and Rikayon spoke all his words wisely before the one reigning, his servants and all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714).

26 wk:

And when the one reigning heard the words of Rikayon and his wisdom, Rikayon found grace in his sight, and he met with grace and kindness from all the servants of the one reigning and from all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714), on account of his wisdom and excellent speeches, and from that time they loved him exceedingly.

27 zk:

And the one reigning answered and said to Rikayon, Thy name shall no more be called Rikayon but Pharaoh shall be thy name, since thou didst exact a tax from the dead; and he called his name Pharaoh.

28 xk:

And the one reigning and his subjects loved Rikayon for his wisdom, and they consulted with all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) to make him prefect under the one reigning.

29 jk:

And all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) and its wise men did so, and it was made a law in Mits'rayim (4714).

30 l:

And they made Rikayon Pharaoh prefect under Oswiris one reigning of Mits'rayim (4714), and Rikayon Pharaoh governed over Mits'rayim (4714), daily administering justice to the whole city, but Oswiris the one reigning would judge the people of the land one day in the year, when he went out to make his appearance.

31 al:

And Rikayon Pharaoh cunningly usurped the government of Mits'rayim (4714), and he exacted a tax from all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714).

32 bl:

And all the inhabitants of Mits'rayim (4714) greatly loved Rikayon Pharaoh, and they made a decree to call every one reigning that should reign over them and their seed in Mits'rayim (4714), Pharaoh.

33 gl:

Therefore all the ones reigning that reigned in Mits'rayim (4714) from that time forward were called Pharaoh unto this day.

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