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haYashar Jasher 31

1 a:

And in the seventh year, the service of Ya'aqov (3290) which he served Lavan (3837) was completed, and Ya'aqov (3290) said unto Lavan (3837), Give me my wife, for the days of my service are fulfilled; and Lavan (3837) did so, and Lavan (3837) and Ya'aqov (3290) assembled all the people of that place and they made a feast.

2 b:

And in the evening Lavan (3837) came to the house, and afterward Ya'aqov (3290) came there with the people of the feast, and Lavan (3837) extinguished all the lights that were there in the house.

3 g:

And Ya'aqov (3290) said unto Lavan (3837), Wherefore dost thou do this thing unto us? and Lavan (3837) answered, Such is our custom to act in this land.

4 d:

And afterward Lavan (3837) took his daughter Le'ah (3812), and he brought her to Ya'aqov (3290), and he came to her and Ya'aqov (3290) did not know that she was Le'ah (3812).

5 h:

And Lavan (3837) gave his daughter Le'ah (3812) his maid Zil'pah (2153) for a handmaid.

6 w:

And all the people at the feast knew what Lavan (3837) had done to Ya'aqov (3290), but they did not tell the thing to Ya'aqov (3290).

7 z:

And all the neighbors came that night to Ya'aqov (3290)'s house, and they ate and drank and rejoiced, and played before Le'ah (3812) upon timbrels, and with dances, and they responded before Ya'aqov (3290), Heleah, Heleah.

8 x:

And Ya'aqov (3290) heard their words but did not understand their meaning, but he thought such might be their custom in this land.

9 j:

And the neighbors spoke these words before Ya'aqov (3290) during the night, and all the lights that were in the house Lavan (3837) had that night extinguished.

10 y:

And in the morning, when daylight appeared, Ya'aqov (3290) turned to his wife and he saw, and behold it was Le'ah (3812) that had been lying in his bosom, and Ya'aqov (3290) said, Behold now I know what the neighbors said last night, Heleah, they said, and I knew it not.

11 ay:

And Ya'aqov (3290) called unto Lavan (3837), and said unto him, What is this that thou didst unto me? Surely I served thee for Rachel (7354), and why didst thou deceive me and didst give me Le'ah (3812)?

12 by:

And Lavan (3837) answered Ya'aqov (3290), saying, Not so is it done in our place to give the younger before the elder now therefore if thou desirest to take her sister likewise, take her unto thee for the service which thou wilt serve me for another seven years.

13 gy:

And Ya'aqov (3290) did so, and he also took Rachel (7354) for a wife, and he served Lavan (3837) seven years more, and Ya'aqov (3290) also came to Rachel (7354), and he loved Rachel (7354) more than Le'ah (3812), and Lavan (3837) gave her his maid Bil'hah (1090) for a handmaid.

14 dy:

And when Y'hovah (3068) saw that Le'ah (3812) was hated, Y'hovah (3068) opened her womb, and she conceived and bare Ya'aqov (3290) four sons in those days.

15 hj:

And these are their names, R'uven (7205) Shim'on (8095), Levi (3878), and Y'hudah (3063), and she afterward left bearing.

16 wj:

And at that time Rachel (7354) was barren, and she had no offspring, and Rachel (7354) envied her sister Le'ah (3812), and when Rachel (7354) saw that she bare no children to Ya'aqov (3290), she took her handmaid Bil'hah (1090), and she bare Ya'aqov (3290) two sons, Dan (1835) and Naph'tali (5321).

17 zy:

And when Le'ah (3812) saw that she had left bearing, she also took her handmaid Zil'pah (2153), and she gave her to Ya'aqov (3290) for a wife, and Ya'aqov (3290) also came to Zil'pah (2153), and she also bare Ya'aqov (3290) two sons, Gad (1410) and Asher (836).

18 xy:

And Le'ah (3812) again conceived and bare Ya'aqov (3290) in those days two sons and one daughter, and these are their names, Yisaskhar (3485), Z'vulun (2074), and their sister Dinah (1783).

19 jy:

And Rachel (7354) was still barren in those days, and Rachel (7354) prayed unto Y'hovah (3068) at that time, and she said, O Lord Elohim (430) remember me and visit me, I beseech thee, for now my husband will cast me off, for I have borne him no children.

20 k:

Now O Lord Elohim (430), hear my supplication before thee, and see my affliction, and give me children like one of the handmaids, that I may no more bear my reproach.

21 ak:

And Elohim (430) heard her and opened her womb, and Rachel (7354) conceived and bare a son, and she said, Y'hovah (3068) has taken away my reproach, and she called his name Yoseph (3130), saying, May Y'hovah (3068) add to me another son; and Ya'aqov (3290) was ninety-one years old when she bare him.

22 bk:

At that time the mother of Ya'aqov (3290), Riv'qah (7259), sent her nurse D'vorah (1683) the daughter of Uts (5780), and two of the servants of Yits'chaq (3327) unto Ya'aqov (3290).

23 gk:

And they came to Ya'aqov (3290) to Haran (2039) and they said unto him, Riv'qah (7259) has sent us to thee that thou shalt return to thy father's house to the land of K'na'an (3667); and Ya'aqov (3290) hearkened unto them in this which his mother had spoken.

24 dk:

At that time, the other seven years which Ya'aqov (3290) served Lavan (3837) for Rachel (7354) were completed, and it was at the end of fourteen years that he had dwelt in Haran (2039) that Ya'aqov (3290) said unto Lavan (3837), give me my wives and send me away, that I may go to my land, for behold my mother did send unto me from the land at K'na'an (3667) that I should return to my father's house.

25 hk:

And Lavan (3837) said unto him, Not so I pray thee; if I have found favor in thy sight do not leave me; appoint me thy wages and I will give them, and remain with me.

26 wk:

And Ya'aqov (3290) said unto him, This is what thou shalt give me for wages, that I shall this day pass through all thy flock and take away from them every lamb that is speckled and spotted and such as are brown amongst the sheep, and amongst the goats, and if thou wilt do this thing for me I will return and feed thy flock and keep them as at first.

27 zk:

And Lavan (3837) did so, and Lavan (3837) removed from his flock all that Ya'aqov (3290) had said and gave them to him.

28 xk:

And Ya'aqov (3290) placed all that he had removed from the flock of Lavan (3837) in the hands of his sons, and Ya'aqov (3290) was feeding the remainder of the flock of Lavan (3837).

29 jk:

And when the servants of Yits'chaq (3327) which he had sent unto Ya'aqov (3290) saw that Ya'aqov (3290) would not then return with them to the land of K'na'an (3667) to his father, they then went away from him, and they returned home to the land of K'na'an (3667).

30 l:

And D'vorah (1683) remained with Ya'aqov (3290) in Haran (2039), and she did not return with the servants of Yits'chaq (3327) to the land of K'na'an (3667), and D'vorah (1683) resided with the wives of Ya'aqov (3290) and children in Haran (2039).

31 al:

And Ya'aqov (3290) served Lavan (3837) six years longer, and when the sheep brought forth, Ya'aqov (3290) removed from them such as were speckled and spotted, as he had determined with Lavan (3837), and Ya'aqov (3290) did so with Lavan (3837) for six years, and the man increased abundantly and he had cattle and maid servants and men servants, camels, and asses.

32 bl:

And Ya'aqov (3290) had two hundred drove of cattle, and his cattle were of large size and of beautiful appearance and were very productive, and all the families of the sons of men desired to get some of the cattle of Ya'aqov (3290), for they were exceedingly prosperous.

33 gl:

And many of the sons of men came to procure some of the flock of Ya'aqov (3290), and Ya'aqov (3290) gave them a sheep for a man servant or a maid servant or for an ass or a camel, or whatever Ya'aqov (3290) desired from them they gave him.

34 dl:

And Ya'aqov (3290) obtained riches and honor and possessions by means of these transactions with the sons of men, and the children of Lavan (3837) envied him of this honor.

35 hl:

And in the course of time he heard the words of the sons of Lavan (3837), saying, Ya'aqov (3290) has taken away all that was our father's, and of that which was our father's has he acquired all this glory.

36 wl:

And Ya'aqov (3290) beheld the countenance of Lavan (3837) and of his children, and behold it was not toward him in those days as it had been before.

37 zl:

And Y'hovah (3068) appeared to Ya'aqov (3290) at the expiration of the six years, and said unto him, Arise, go forth out of this land, and return to the land of thy birthplace and I will be with thee.

38 xl:

And Ya'aqov (3290) rose up at that time and he mounted his children and wives and all belonging to him upon camels, and he went forth to go to the land of K'na'an (3667) to his father Yits'chaq (3327).

39 jl:

And Lavan (3837) did not know that Ya'aqov (3290) had gone from him, for Lavan (3837) had been that day sheep-shearing.

40 m:

And Rachel (7354) stole her father's images, and she took them and she concealed them upon the camel upon which she sat, and she went on.

41 am:

And this is the manner of the images; in taking a man who is the first born and slaying him and taking the hair off his head, and taking salt and salting the head and anointing it in oil, then taking a small tablet of copper or a tablet of gold and writing the name upon it, and placing the tablet under his tongue, and taking the head with the tablet under the tongue and putting it in the house, and lighting up lights before it and bowing down to it.

42 bm:

And at the time when they bow down to it, it speaketh to them in all matters that they ask of it, through the power of the name which is written in it.

43 gm:

And some make them in the figures of men, of gold and silver, and go to them in times known to them, and the figures receive the influence of the stars, and tell them future things, and in this manner were the images which Rachel (7354) stole from her father.

44 dm:

And Rachel (7354) stole these images which were her father's, in order that Lavan (3837) might not know through them where Ya'aqov (3290) had gone.

45 hm:

And Lavan (3837) came home and he asked concerning Ya'aqov (3290) and his household, and he was not to be found, and Lavan (3837) sought his images to know where Ya'aqov (3290) had gone, and could not find them, and he went to some other images, and he inquired of them and they told him that Ya'aqov (3290) had fled from him to his father's, to the land of K'na'an (3667).

46 wm:

And Lavan (3837) then rose up and he took his brothers and all his servants, and he went forth and pursued Ya'aqov (3290), and he overtook him in mount Gil'ad (1568).

47 zm:

And Lavan (3837) said unto Ya'aqov (3290), What is this thou hast done to me to flee and deceive me, and lead my daughters and their children as captives taken by the sword?

48 xm:

And thou didst not suffer me to kiss them and send them away with joy, and thou didst steal my elohim (430) and didst go away.

49 jm:

And Ya'aqov (3290) answered Lavan (3837), saying, Because I was afraid lest thou wouldst take thy daughters by force from me; and now with whomsoever thou findest thy elohim (430) he shall die.

50 n:

And Lavan (3837) searched for the images and he examined in all the tents and furniture of Ya'aqov (3290), but could not find them.

51 an:

And Lavan (3837) said unto Ya'aqov (3290), We will make a covenant together and it shall be a testimony between me and thee; if thou shalt afflict my daughters, or shalt take other wives besides my daughters, even Elohim (430) shall be a witness between me and thee in this matter.

52 bn:

And they took stones and made a heap, and Lavan (3837) said, This heap is a witness between me and thee, therefore he called the name thereof Gil'ad (1568).

53 gn:

And Ya'aqov (3290) and Lavan (3837) offered sacrifice upon the mount, and they ate there by the heap, and they tarried in the mount all night, and Lavan (3837) rose up early in the morning, and he wept with his daughters and he kissed them, and he returned unto his place.

54 dn:

And he hastened and sent off his son B'or (1160), who was seventeen years old, with Abichorof the son of Uts (5780), the son of Nachor (5152), and with them were ten men.

55 hn:

And they hastened and went and passed on the road before Ya'aqov (3290), and they came by another road to the land of Se'ir (8165).

56 wn:

And they came unto Esav (6215) and said unto him, Thus saith thy brother and relative, thy mother's brother Lavan (3837), the son of B'tu'el (1328), saying,

57 zn:

Hast thou heard what Ya'aqov (3290) thy brother has done unto me, who first came to me naked and bare, and I went to meet him, and brought him to my house with honor, and I made him great, and I gave him my two daughters for wives and also two of my maids.

58 xn:

And Elohim (430) blessed him on my account, and he increased abundantly, and had sons, daughters and maid servants.

59 jn:

He has also an immense stock of flocks and herds, camels and asses, also silver and gold in abundance; and when he saw that his wealth increased, he left me whilst I went to shear my sheep, and he rose up and fled in secrecy.

60 s:

And he lifted his wives and children upon camels, and he led away all his cattle and property which he acquired in my land, and he lifted up his countenance to go to his father Yits'chaq (3327), to the land of K'na'an (3667).

61 as:

And he did not suffer me to kiss my daughters and their children, and he led my daughters as captives taken by the sword, and he also stole my elohim (430) and he fled.

62 bs:

And now I have left him in the mountain of the brook of Yaboq (2999), him and all belonging to him; he lacketh nothing.

63 gs:

If it be thy wish to go to him, go then and there wilt thou find him, and thou canst do unto him as thy soul desireth; and the messengers of Lavan (3837) came and told Esav (6215) all these things.

64 ds:

And Esav (6215) heard all the words of the messengers of Lavan (3837), and his anger was greatly kindled against Ya'aqov (3290), and he remembered his hatred, and his anger burned within him.

65 hs:

And Esav (6215) hastened and took his children and servants and the souls of his household, being sixty men, and he went and assembled all the children of Se'ir (8165) the Chori (2752) and their people, being three hundred and forty men, and took all this number of four hundred men with drawn swords, and he went unto Ya'aqov (3290) to smite him.

66 ws:

And Esav (6215) divided this number into several parts, and he took the sixty men of his children and servants and the souls of his household as one head, and gave them in care of Eliphaz (464) his eldest son.

67 zs:

And the remaining heads he gave to the care of the six sons of Se'ir (8165) the Chori (2752), and he placed every man over his generations and children.

68 xs:

And the whole of this camp went as it was, and Esav (6215) went amongst them toward Ya'aqov (3290), and he conducted them with speed.

69 js:

And the messengers of Lavan (3837) departed from Esav (6215) and went to the land of K'na'an (3667), and they came to the house of Riv'qah (7259) the mother of Ya'aqov (3290) and Esav (6215).

70 [:

And they told her saying, Behold thy son Esav (6215) has gone against his brother Ya'aqov (3290) with four hundred men, for he heard that he was coming, and he is gone to make war with him, and to smite him and to take all that he has.

71 a[:

And Riv'qah (7259) hastened and sent seventy two men from the servants of Yits'chaq (3327) to meet Ya'aqov (3290) on the road; for she said, Peradventure, Esav (6215) may make war in the road when he meets him.

72 b[:

And these messengers went on the road to meet Ya'aqov (3290), and they met him in the road of the brook on the opposite side of the brook Yaboq (2999), and Ya'aqov (3290) said when he saw them, This camp is destined to me from Elohim (430), and Ya'aqov (3290) called the name of that place Machnayim.

73 g[:

And Ya'aqov (3290) knew all his father's people, and he kissed them and embraced them and came with them, and Ya'aqov (3290) asked them concerning his father and mother, and they said, They were well.

74 d[:

And these messengers said unto Ya'aqov (3290), Riv'qah (7259) thy mother has sent us to thee, saying, I have heard, my son, that thy brother Esav (6215) has gone forth against thee on the road with men from the children of Se'ir (8165) the Chori (2752).

75 h[:

And therefore, my son, hearken to my voice and see with thy counsel what thou wilt do, and when he cometh up to thee, supplicate him, and do not speak rashly to him, and give him a present from what thou possessest, and from what Elohim (430) has favored thee with.

76 w[:

And when he asketh thee concerning thy affairs, conceal nothing from him, perhaps he may turn from his anger against thee and thou wilt thereby save thy soul, thou and all belonging to thee, for it is thy duty to honor him, for he is thy elder brother.

77 z[:

And when Ya'aqov (3290) heard the words of his mother which the messengers had spoken to him, Ya'aqov (3290) lifted up his voice and wept bitterly, and did as his mother then commanded him.

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