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haYashar Jasher 33

1 a:

And in some time after Ya'aqov (3290) went away from the borders of the land, and he came to the land of Shalem, that is the city of Sh'khem (7927), which is in the land of K'na'an (3667), and he rested in front of the city.

2 b:

And he bought a parcel of the field which was there, from the children of Chamor (2544) the people of the land, for five shekels.

3 g:

And Ya'aqov (3290) there built himself a house, and he pitched his tent there, and he made booths for his cattle, therefore he called the name of that place Sukot (5523).

4 d:

And Ya'aqov (3290) remained in Sukot (5523) a year and six months.

5 h:

At that time some of the women of the inhabitants of the land went to the city of Sh'khem (7927) to dance and rejoice with the daughters of the people of the city, and when they went forth then Rachel (7354) and Le'ah (3812) the wives of Ya'aqov (3290) with their families also went to behold the rejoicing of the daughters of the city.

6 w:

And Dinah (1783) the daughter of Ya'aqov (3290) also went along with them and saw the daughters of the city, and they remained there before these daughters whilst all the people of the city were standing by them to behold their rejoicings, and all the great people of the city were there.

7 z:

And Sh'khem (7927) the son of Chamor (2544), the prince of the land was also standing there to see them.

8 x:

And Sh'khem (7927) beheld Dinah (1783) the daughter of Ya'aqov (3290) sitting with her mother before the daughters of the city, and the damsel pleased him greatly, and he there asked his friends and his people, saying, Whose daughter is that sitting amongst the women, whom I do not know in this city?

9 j:

And they said unto him, Surely this is the daughter of Ya'aqov (3290) the son of Yits'chaq (3327) the Hebrew, who has dwelt in this city for some time, and when it was reported that the daughters of the land were going forth to rejoice she went with her mother and maid servants to sit amongst them as thou seest.

10 y:

And Sh'khem (7927) beheld Dinah (1783) the daughter of Ya'aqov (3290), and when he looked at her his soul became fixed upon Dinah (1783).

11 ay:

And he sent and had her taken by force, and Dinah (1783) came to the house of Sh'khem (7927) and he seized her forcibly and lay with her and humbled her, and he loved her exceedingly and placed her in his house.

12 by:

And they came and told the thing unto Ya'aqov (3290), and when Ya'aqov (3290) heard that Sh'khem (7927) had defiled his daughter Dinah (1783), Ya'aqov (3290) sent twelve of his servants to fetch Dinah (1783) from the house of Sh'khem (7927), and they went and came to the house of Sh'khem (7927) to take away Dinah (1783) from there.

13 gy:

And when they came Sh'khem (7927) went out to them with his men and drove them from his house, and he would not suffer them to come before Dinah (1783), but Sh'khem (7927) was sitting with Dinah (1783) kissing and embracing her before their eyes.

14 dy:

And the servants of Ya'aqov (3290) came back and told him, saying, When we came, he and his men drove us away, and thus did Sh'khem (7927) do unto Dinah (1783) before our eyes.

15 hj:

And Ya'aqov (3290) knew moreover that Sh'khem (7927) had defiled his daughter, but he said nothing, and his sons were feeding his cattle in the field, and Ya'aqov (3290) remained silent till their return.

16 wj:

And before his sons came home Ya'aqov (3290) sent two maidens from his servants' daughters to take care of Dinah (1783) in the house of Sh'khem (7927), and to remain with her, and Sh'khem (7927) sent three of his friends to his father Chamor (2544) the son of Chiddekem, the son of Pered, saying, Get me this damsel for a wife.

17 zy:

And Chamor (2544) the son of Chiddekem the Chivi (2340) came to the house of Sh'khem (7927) his son, and he sat before him, and Chamor (2544) said unto his son, Sh'khem (7927), Is there then no woman amongst the daughters of thy people that thou wilt take an Hebrew woman who is not of thy people?

18 xy:

And Sh'khem (7927) said to him, Her only must thou get for me, for she is delightful in my sight; and Chamor (2544) did according to the word of his son, for he was greatly beloved by him.

19 jy:

And Chamor (2544) went forth to Ya'aqov (3290) to commune with him concerning this matter, and when he had gone from the house of his son Sh'khem (7927), before he came to Ya'aqov (3290) to speak unto him, behold the sons of Ya'aqov (3290) had come from the field, as soon as they heard the thing that Sh'khem (7927) the son of Chamor (2544) had done.

20 k:

And the men were very much grieved concerning their sister, and they all came home fired with anger, before the time of gathering in their cattle.

21 ak:

And they came and sat before their father and they spoke unto him kindled with wrath, saying, Surely death is due to this man and to his household, because Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) of the whole earth commanded No'ach (5146) and his children that man shall never rob, nor commit adultery; now behold Sh'khem (7927) has both ravaged and committed fornication with our sister, and not one of all the people of the city spoke a word to him.

22 bk:

Surely thou knowest and understandest that the judgment of death is due to Sh'khem (7927), and to his father, and to the whole city on account of the thing which he has done.

23 gk:

And whilst they were speaking before their father in this matter, behold Chamor (2544) the father of Sh'khem (7927) came to speak to Ya'aqov (3290) the words of his son concerning Dinah (1783), and he sat before Ya'aqov (3290) and before his sons.

24 dk:

And Chamor (2544) spoke unto them, saying, The soul of my son Sh'khem (7927) longeth for your daughter; I pray you give her unto him for a wife and intermarry with us; give us your daughters and we will give you our daughters, and you shall dwell with us in our land and we will be as one people in the land.

25 hk:

For our land is very extensive, so dwell ye and trade therein and get possessions in it, and do therein as you desire, and no one shall prevent you by saying a word to you.

26 wk:

And Chamor (2544) ceased speaking unto Ya'aqov (3290) and his sons, and behold Sh'khem (7927) his son had come after him, and he sat before them.

27 zk:

And Sh'khem (7927) spoke before Ya'aqov (3290) and his sons, saying, May I find favor in your sight that you will give me your daughter, and whatever you say unto me that will I do for her.

28 xk:

Ask me for abundance of dowry and gift, and I will give it, and whatever you shall say unto me that will I do, and whoever he be that will rebel against your orders, he shall die; only give me the damsel for a wife.

29 jk:

And Shim'on (8095) and Levi (3878) answered Chamor (2544) and Sh'khem (7927) his son deceitfully, saying, All you have spoken unto us we will do for you.

30 l:

And behold our sister is in your house, but keep away from her until we send to our father Yits'chaq (3327) concerning this matter, for we can do nothing without his consent.

31 al:

For he knoweth the ways of our father Av'raham (85), and whatever he sayeth unto us we will tell you, we will conceal nothing from you.

32 bl:

And Shim'on (8095) and Levi (3878) spoke this unto Sh'khem (7927) and his father in order to find a pretext, and to seek counsel what was to be done to Sh'khem (7927) and to his city in this matter.

33 gl:

And when Sh'khem (7927) and his father heard the words of Shim'on (8095) and Levi (3878), it seemed good in their sight, and Sh'khem (7927) and his father came forth to go home.

34 dl:

And when they had gone, the sons of Ya'aqov (3290) said unto their father, saying, Behold, we know that death is due to these wicked ones and to their city, because they transgressed that which Elohim (430) had commanded unto No'ach (5146) and his children and his seed after them.

35 hl:

And also because Sh'khem (7927) did this thing to our sister Dinah (1783) in defiling her, for such vileness shall never be done amongst us.

36 wl:

Now therefore know and see what you will do, and seek counsel and pretext what is to be done to them, in order to kill all the inhabitants of this city.

37 zl:

And Shim'on (8095) said to them, Here is a proper advice for you: tell them to circumcise every male amongst them as we are circumcised, and if they do not wish to do this, we shall take our daughter from them and go away.

38 xl:

And if they consent to do this and will do it, then when they are sunk down with pain, we will attack them with our swords, as upon one who is quiet and peaceable, and we will slay every male person amongst them.

39 jl:

And the advice of Shim'on (8095) pleased them, and Shim'on (8095) and Levi (3878) resolved to do unto them as it was proposed.

40 m:

And on the next morning Sh'khem (7927) and Chamor (2544) his father came again unto Ya'aqov (3290) and his sons, to speak concerning Dinah (1783), and to hear what answer the sons of Ya'aqov (3290) would give to their words.

41 am:

And the sons of Ya'aqov (3290) spoke deceitfully to them, saying, We told our father Yits'chaq (3327) all your words, and your words pleased him.

42 bm:

But he spoke unto us, saying, Thus did Av'raham (85) his father command him from Elohim (430) Y'hovah (3068) of the whole earth, that any man who is not of his descendants that should wish to take one of his daughters, shall cause every male belonging to him to be circumcised, as we are circumcised, and then we may give him our daughter for a wife.

43 gm:

Now we have made known to you all our ways that our father spoke unto us, for we cannot do this of which you spoke unto us, to give our daughter to an uncircumcised man, for it is a disgrace to us.

44 dm:

But herein will we consent to you, to give you our daughter, and we will also take unto ourselves your daughters, and will dwell amongst you and be one people as you have spoken, if you will hearken to us, and consent to be like us, to circumcise every male belonging to you, as we are circumcised.

45 hm:

And if you will not hearken unto us, to have every male circumcised as we are circumcised, as we have commanded, then we will come to you, and take our daughter from you and go away.

46 wm:

And Sh'khem (7927) and his father Chamor (2544) heard the words of the sons of Ya'aqov (3290), and the thing pleased them exceedingly, and Sh'khem (7927) and his father Chamor (2544) hastened to do the wishes of the sons of Ya'aqov (3290), for Sh'khem (7927) was very fond of Dinah (1783), and his soul was riveted to her.

47 zm:

And Sh'khem (7927) and his father Chamor (2544) hastened to the gate of the city, and they assembled all the men of their city and spoke unto them the words of the sons of Ya'aqov (3290), saying,

48 xm:

We came to these men, the sons of Ya'aqov (3290), and we spoke unto them concerning their daughter, and these men will consent to do according to our wishes, and behold our land is of great extent for them, and they will dwell in it, and trade in it, and we shall be one people; we will take their daughters, and our daughters we will give unto them for wives.

49 jm:

But only on this condition will these men consent to do this thing, that every male amongst us be circumcised as they are circumcised, as their Elohim (430) commanded them, and when we shall have done according to their instructions to be circumcised, then will they dwell amongst us, together with their cattle and possessions, and we shall be as one people with them.

50 n:

And when all the men of the city heard the words of Sh'khem (7927) and his father Chamor (2544), then all the men of their city were agreeable to this proposal, and they obeyed to be circumcised, for Sh'khem (7927) and his father Chamor (2544) were greatly esteemed by them, being the princes of the land.

51 an:

And on the next day, Sh'khem (7927) and Chamor (2544) his father rose up early in the morning, and they assembled all the men of their city into the middle of the city, and they called for the sons of Ya'aqov (3290), who circumcised every male belonging to them on that day and the next.

52 bn:

And they circumcised Sh'khem (7927) and Chamor (2544) his father, and the five brothers of Sh'khem (7927), and then every one rose up and went home, for this thing was from Y'hovah (3068) against the city of Sh'khem (7927), and from Y'hovah (3068) was the counsel of Shim'on (8095) in this matter, in order that Y'hovah (3068) might deliver the city of Sh'khem (7927) into the hands of the two sons of Ya'aqov (3290).

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