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haYashar Jasher 5

1 a:

And it was in the eighty-fourth year of the life of No'ach (5146), that Chanokh (2585) the son of Shet (8352) died, he was nine hundred and five years old at his death.

2 b:

And in the one hundred and seventy ninth year of the life of No'ach (5146), Qeynan (7018) the son of Enosh (583) died, and all the days of Qeynan (7018) were nine hundred and ten years, and he died.

3 g:

And in the two hundred and thirty fourth year of the life of No'ach (5146), Mahalal'el (4111) the son of Qeynan (7018) died, and the days of Mahalal'el (4111) were eight hundred and ninety-five years, and he died.

4 d:

And Yered (3382) the son of Mahalal'el (4111) died in those days, in the three hundred and thirty-sixth year of the life of No'ach (5146); and all the days of Yered (3382) were nine hundred and sixty-two years, and he died.

5 h:

And all who followed Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) died in those days, before they saw the evil which Elohim (430) declared to do upon earth.

6 w:

And after the lapse of many years, in the four hundred and eightieth year of the life of No'ach (5146), when all those men, who followed Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) had died away from amongst the sons of men, and only M'tushalach (4968) was then left, Elohim (430) said unto No'ach (5146) and M'tushalach (4968), saying,

7 z:

Speak ye, and proclaim to the sons of men, saying, Thus saith Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430), return from your evil ways and forsake your works, and Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) will repent of the evil that he declared to do to you, so that it shall not come to pass.

8 x:

For thus saith Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430), Behold I give you a period of one hundred and twenty years; if you will turn to me and forsake your evil ways, then will I also turn away from the evil which I told you, and it shall not exist, saith Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430).

9 j:

And No'ach (5146) and M'tushalach (4968) spoke all the words of Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) to the sons of men, day after day, constantly speaking to them.

10 y:

But the sons of men would not hearken to them, nor incline their ears to their words, and they were stiffnecked.

11 ay:

And Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) granted them a period of one hundred and twenty years, saying, If they will return, then will Elohim (430) repent of the evil, so as not to destroy the earth.

12 by:

No'ach (5146) the son of Lemekh (3929) refrained from taking a wife in those days, to beget children, for he said, Surely now Elohim (430) will destroy the earth, wherefore then shall I beget children?

13 gy:

And No'ach (5146) was a just man, he was perfect in his generation, and Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) chose him to raise up seed from his seed upon the face of the earth.

14 dy:

And Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) said unto No'ach (5146), Take unto thee a wife, and beget children, for I have seen thee righteous before me in this generation.

15 hj:

And thou shalt raise up seed, and thy children with thee, in the midst of the earth; and No'ach (5146) went and took a wife, and he chose Na'amah (5279) the daughter of Chanokh (2585), and she was five hundred and eighty years old.

16 wj:

And No'ach (5146) was four hundred and ninety-eight years old, when he took Na'amah (5279) for a wife.

17 zy:

And Na'amah (5279) conceived and bare a son, and he called his name Yephet (3315) (3315), saying, Elohim (430) has enlarged me in the earth; and she conceived again and bare a son, and he called his name Shem (8035), saying, Elohim (430) has made me a remnant, to raise up seed in the midst of the earth.

18 xy:

And No'ach (5146) was five hundred and two years old when Na'amah (5279) bare Shem (8035), and the boys grew up and went in the ways of Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430), in all that M'tushalach (4968) and No'ach (5146) their father taught them.

19 jy:

And Lemekh (3929) the father of No'ach (5146), died in those days; yet verily he did not go with all his heart in the ways of his father, and he died in the hundred and ninety-fifth year of the life of No'ach (5146).

20 k:

And all the days of Lemekh (3929) were seven hundred and seventy years, and he died.

21 ak:

And all the sons of men who knew Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430), died in that year before Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) brought evil upon them; for Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) willed them to die, so as not to behold the evil that Elohim (430) would bring upon their brothers and relatives, as he had so declared to do.

22 bk:

In that time, Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) said to No'ach (5146) and M'tushalach (4968), Stand forth and proclaim to the sons of men all the words that I spoke to you in those days, peradventure they may turn from their evil ways, and I will then repent of the evil and will not bring it.

23 gk:

And No'ach (5146) and M'tushalach (4968) stood forth, and said in the ears of the sons of men, all that Elohim (430) had spoken concerning them.

24 dk:

But the sons of men would not hearken, neither would they incline their ears to all their declarations.

25 hk:

And it was after this that Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) said to No'ach (5146), The end of all flesh is come before me, on account of their evil deeds, and behold I will destroy the earth.

26 wk:

And do thou take unto thee gopher wood, and go to a certain place and make a large ark, and place it in that spot.

27 zk:

And thus shalt thou make it; three hundred cubits its length, fifty cubits broad and thirty cubits high.

28 xk:

And thou shalt make unto thee a door, open at its side, and to a cubit thou shalt finish above, and cover it within and without with pitch.

29 jk:

And behold I will bring the flood of waters upon the earth, and all flesh be destroyed, from under the heavens all that is upon earth shall perish.

30 l:

And thou and thy household shall go and gather two couple of all living things, male and female, and shall bring them to the ark, to raise up seed from them upon earth.

31 al:

And gather unto thee all food that is eaten by all the animals, that there may be food for thee and for them.

32 bl:

And thou shalt choose for thy sons three maidens, from the daughters of men, and they shall be wives to thy sons.

33 gl:

And No'ach (5146) rose up, and he made the ark, in the place where Elohim (430) had commanded him, and No'ach (5146) did as Elohim (430) had ordered him.

34 dl:

In his five hundred and ninety-fifth year No'ach (5146) commenced to make the ark, and he made the ark in five years, as Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) had commanded.

35 hl:

Then No'ach (5146) took the three daughters of Eliakim, son of M'tushalach (4968), for wives for his sons, as Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) had commanded No'ach (5146).

36 wl:

And it was at that time M'tushalach (4968) the son of Chanokh (2585) died, nine hundred and sixty years old was he, at his death.

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