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laeq.z,x.y Y'CHEZ'QEL EZEKIEL 1

1 a
yih.y;w vay.hee vaY'hi 1961 (8799) yk1#25
~yivl.viB bish.lo.sheem biSh'loshim 7970 *
h'n'v Shanah 8141 yk26#1
yi[yib.r'B baR'vi'i 7243 *
h'Vim]x;B ba.kha.mi.sha baChamishah 2568 yk1#2
v,dox;l la.kho.desh laChodesh 2320 yk1#2
yin]a;w va.a.nee vaAni 589 yk4#5
h'lAG;h-%AT.b v'Tokh haGolah 8432 1473 yk3#11
r'b.K-r;h.n-l;[ al-n.har-k.var Al N'har K'var 5921 5104 3529 yk1#3 nif.t.khu Niph't'chu 6605 (8738) na3#13
~iy;m'V;h haShamayim 8064
h,a.r,a.w v'Er'eh 7200 (8799)
tAa.r;m mar.ot Mar'ot 4759 *
~yihol/a e.lo.heem Elohim 430 :

And he was in thirties year, in the fourth, on five of the month, that I in midst of the being uncovered, near being flowed of K'var, they were opened, the heavens, and I saw ones being seen of Elohim,

NOTE: 1st Date:

Day five of the fourth month (approx. July) of 594 BCE, was the fifth year of the captivity of Yoyakhin in the thirtieth year of the sacred calendar.

The fourth month is traditionally referred to as Tamuz ยป 8542 which is the name of a Sumerian deity.

2 b
h'Vim]x;B ba.kha.mi.sha baChamishah 2568 yk8#1
v,dox;l la.kho.desh laChodesh 2320 yk8#1