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Yovel Jubilees 19

1 a:

And in the first year of the first week in the forty-second jubilee, Av'raham (85) returned and dwelt opposite Chev'ron (2275), that is Kirjath Arba, two weeks of years.

2 b:

And in the first year of the third week of this jubilee the days of the life of Sarah (8283) were accomplished, and she died in Chev'ron (2275).

3 g:

And Av'raham (85) went to mourn over her and bury her, and we tried him [to see] if his spirit were patient and he were not indignant in the words of his mouth; and he was found patient in this, and was not disturbed.

4 d:

For in patience of spirit he conversed with the children of Chet (2845), to the intent that they should give him a place in which to bury his dead.

5 h:

And Y'hovah (3068) gave him grace before all who saw him, and he besought in gentleness the sons of Chet (2845), and they gave him the land of the double cave over against Mam're (4471), that is Chev'ron (2275), for four hundred pieces of silver.

6 w:

And they besought him saying, We shall give it to thee for nothing; but he would not take it from their hands for nothing, for he gave the price of the place, the money in full, and he bowed down before them twice, and after this he buried his dead in the double cave.

7 z:

And all the days of the life of Sarah (8283) were one hundred and twenty-seven years, that is, two jubilees and four weeks and one year: these are the days of the years of the life of Sarah (8283).

8 x:

This is the tenth trial wherewith Av'raham (85) was tried, and he was found faithful, patient in spirit.

9 j:

And he said not a single word regarding the rumour in the land how that Elohim (430) had said that He would give it to him and to his seed after him, and he begged a place there to bury his dead; for he was found faithful, and was recorded on the heavenly tablets as the friend of Elohim (430).

10 y:

And in the fourth year thereof he took a wife for his son Yits'chaq (3327) and her name was Riv'qah (7259) [2020 A.M.] [the daughter of B'tu'el (1328), the son of NAkhor (5911) (5152), the brother of Av'raham (85)] the sister of Lavan (3837) and daughter of B'tu'el (1328); and B'tu'el (1328) was the son of Melca, who was the wife of NAkhor (5911) (5152), the brother of Av'raham (85).

11 ay:

And Av'raham (85) took to himself a third wife, and her name was Q'turah (6989), from among the daughters of his household servants, for Hagar (1904) had died before Sarah (8283). And she bare him six sons, Zimram, and Jokshan, and MeDan (1835), and Mid'yan (4080), and Ishbak, and Shuah, in the two weeks of years.

12 by:

And in the sixth week, in the second year thereof, Riv'qah (7259) bare to Yits'chaq (3327) two sons, Ya'aqov (3290) and Esav (6215),

13 gy:

and [2046 A.M.] Ya'aqov (3290) was a smooth and upright man, and Esav (6215) was fierce, a man of the field, and hairy, and Ya'aqov (3290) dwelt in tents.

14 dy:

And the youths grew, and Ya'aqov (3290) learned to write; but Esav (6215) did not learn, for he was a man of the field and a hunter, and he learnt war, and all his deeds were fierce.

15 hj:

And Av'raham (85) loved Ya'aqov (3290), but Yits'chaq (3327) loved Esav (6215).

16 wj:

And Av'raham (85) saw the deeds of Esav (6215), and he knew that in Ya'aqov (3290) should his name and seed be called; and he called Riv'qah (7259) and gave commandment regarding Ya'aqov (3290), for he knew that she (too) loved Ya'aqov (3290) much more than Esav (6215).

17 zy:

And he said unto her: My daughter, watch over my son Ya'aqov (3290), For he shall be in my stead on the earth, And for a blessing in the midst of the sons of men, And for the glory of the whole seed of Shem (8035).

18 xy:

For I know that Y'hovah (3068) will choose him to be a people for possession unto Himself, above all peoples that are upon the face of the earth.

19 jy:

And behold, Yits'chaq (3327) my son loves Esav (6215) more than Ya'aqov (3290), but I see that thou truly lovest Ya'aqov (3290).

20 k:

Add still further to thy kindness to him, And let thine eyes be upon him in love; For he shall be a blessing unto us on the earth from henceforth unto all generations of the earth.

21 ak:

Let thy hands be strong And let thy heart rejoice in thy son Ya'aqov (3290); For I have loved him far beyond all my sons. He shall be blessed for ever, And his seed shall fill the whole earth.

22 bk:

If a man can number the sand of the earth, His seed also shall be numbered.

23 gk:

And all the blessings wherewith Y'hovah (3068) hath blessed me and my seed shall belong to Ya'aqov (3290) and his seed alway.

24 dk:

And in his seed shall my name be blessed, and the name of my fathers, Shem (8035), and Noab, and Chanokh (2585), and Mahalal'el (4111), and Enosh (583), and Shet (8352), and Adam (120).

25 hk:

And these shall serve To lay the foundations of the heaven, And to strengthen the earth, And to renew all the luminaries which are in the firmament.

26 wk:

And he called Ya'aqov (3290) before the eyes of Riv'qah (7259) his mother, and kissed him, and blessed him, and said:

27 zk:

'Ya'aqov (3290), my beloved son, whom my soul loveth, may Elohim (430) bless thee from above the firmament, and may He give thee all the blessings wherewith He blessed Adam (120), and Chanokh (2585), and No'ach (5146), and Shem (8035); and all the things of which He told me, and all the things which He promised to give me, may he cause to cleave to thee and to thy seed for ever, according to the days of heaven above the earth.

28 xk:

And the Spirits of Mastêmâ shall not rule over thee or over thy seed to turn thee from the Lord, who is thy Elohim (430) from henceforth for ever.

29 jk:

And may Y'hovah (3068) Elohim (430) be a father to thee and thou the first-born son, and to the people alway.

30 l:

Go in peace, my son.' And they both went forth together from Av'raham (85).

31 al:

And Riv'qah (7259) loved Ya'aqov (3290), with all her heart and with all her soul, very much more than Esav (6215); but Yits'chaq (3327) loved Esav (6215) much more than Ya'aqov (3290).

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