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Yovel Jubilees 1

1 a:

And it came to pass in the first year of the exodus of the sons of Yis'ra'el (3478) out of Mits'rayim (4714), in the third month, on the sixteenth day of the month, [2450 Anno Mundi] that Elohim (430) spake to Mosheh (4872), saying: 'Come up to Me on the Mount, and I will give thee two tables of stone of the law and of the commandment, which I have written, that thou mayst teach them.'

2 b:

And Mosheh (4872) went up into the mount of Elohim (430), and the glory of Y'hovah (3068) abode on Mount Sinay (5514), and a cloud overshadowed it six days.

3 g:

And He called to Mosheh (4872) on the seventh day out of the midst of the cloud, and the appearance of the glory of Y'hovah (3068) was like a flaming fire on the top of the mount.

4 d:

And Mosheh (4872) was on the Mount forty days and forty nights, and Elohim (430) taught him the earlier and the later history of the division of all the days of the law and of the testimony.

5 h:

And He said: 'Incline thine heart to every word which I shall speak to thee on this mount, and write them in a book in order that their generations may see how I have not forsaken them for all the evil which they have wrought in transgressing the covenant which I establish between Me and thee for their generations this day on Mount Sinay (5514).

6 w:

And thus it will come to pass when all these things come upon them, that they will recognise that I am more righteous than them in all their judgments and in all their actions, and they will recognise that I have been truly with them.

7 z:

And do thou write for thyself all these words which I declare unto, thee this day, for I know their rebellion and their stiff neck, before I bring them into the land of which I sware to their fathers, to Av'raham (85) and to Yits'chaq (3327) and to Ya'aqov (3290), saying: ' Unto your seed will I give a land flowing with milk and honey.

8 x:

And they will eat and be satisfied, and they will turn to strange elohim (430), to elohim (430) which cannot deliver them from aught of their tribulation: and this witness shall be heard for a witness against them. For they will forget all My commandments, all that I command them, and they will walk after the nations, and after their uncleanness, and after their shame, and will serve their elohim (430), and these will prove unto them an offence and a tribulation and an affliction and a snare.

9 j:

And many will perish and they will be taken captive, and will fall into the hands of the enemy, because they have forsaken My ordinances and My commandments, and the festivals of My covenant, and My sabbaths, and My holy place which I have hallowed for Myself in their midst, and My tabernacle, and My sanctuary, which I have hallowed for Myself in the midst of the land, that I should set my name upon it, and that it should dwell (there).

10 y:

And they will make to themselves high places and groves and graven images, and they will worship, each his own (graven image), so as to go astray, and they will sacrifice their children to demons, and to all the works of the error of their hearts.

11 ay:

And I will send witnesses unto them, that I may witness against them, but they will not hear, and will slay the witnesses also, and they will persecute those who seek the law, and they will abrogate and change everything so as to work evil before My eyes.

12 by:

And I will hide My face from them, and I will deliver them into the hand of the nations for captivity, and for a prey, and for devouring, and I will remove them from the midst of the land, and I will scatter them amongst the nations.

13 gy:

And they will forget all My law and all My commandments and all My judgments, and will go astray as to new moons, and sabbaths, and festivals, and jubilees, and ordinances.

14 dy:

And after this they will turn to Me from amongst the nations with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength, and I will gather them from amongst all the nations, and they will seek me, so that I shall be found of them, when they seek me with all their heart and with all their soul.

15 hj:

And I will disclose to them abounding peace with righteousness, and I will remove them the plant of uprightness, with all My heart and with all My soul, and they shall be for a blessing and not for a curse, and they shall be the head and not the tail.

16 wj:

And I will build My sanctuary in their midst, and I will dwell with them, and I will be their Elohim (430) and they shall be My people in truth and righteousness.

17 zy:

And I will not forsake them nor fail them; for I am Y'hovah (3068) their Elohim (430).'

18 xy:

And Mosheh (4872) fell on his face and prayed and said, 'O Lord my Elohim (430), do not forsake Thy people and Thy inheritance, so that they should wander in the error of their hearts, and do not deliver them into the hands of their enemies, the nations, lest they should rule over them and cause them to sin against Thee.

19 jy:

Let thy mercy, O Lord, be lifted up upon Thy people, and create in them an upright spirit, and let not the spirit of Beliar rule over them to accuse them before Thee, and to ensnare them from all the paths of righteousness, so that they may perish from before Thy face.

20 k:

But they are Thy people and Thy inheritance, which thou hast delivered with thy great power from the hands of Mits'rayim (4714) : create in them a clean heart and a holy spirit, and let them not be ensnared in their sins from henceforth until eternity.'

21 ak:

And Y'hovah (3068) said unto Mosheh (4872): 'I know their contrariness and their thoughts and their stiffneckedness, and they will not be obedient till they confess their own sin and the sin of their fathers.

22 bk:

And after this they will turn to Me in all uprightness and with all (their) heart and with all (their) soul, and I will circumcise the foreskin of their heart and the foreskin of the heart of their seed, and I will create in them a holy spirit, and I will cleanse them so that they shall not turn away from Me from that day unto eternity.

23 gk:

And their souls will cleave to Me and to all My commandments, and they will fulfil My commandments, and I will be their Father and they shall be My children.

24 dk:

And they all shall be called children of the living Elohim (430), and every angel and every spirit shall know, yea, they shall know that these are My children, and that I am their Father in uprightness and righteousness, and that I love them.

25 hk:

And do thou write down for thyself all these words which I declare unto thee on this mountain, the first and the last, which shall come to pass in all the divisions of the days in the law and in the testimony and in the weeks and the jubilees unto eternity, until I descend and dwell with them throughout eternity.'

26 wk:

And He said to the angel of the presence: Write for Mosheh (4872) from the beginning of creation till My sanctuary has been built among them for all eternity.

27 zk:

And Y'hovah (3068) will appear to the eyes of all, and all shall know that I am the Elohim (430) of Yis'ra'el (3478) and the Father of all the children of Ya'aqov (3290), and King on Mount Tsiyon (6726) for all eternity. And Tsiyon (6726) and Y'rushalaim (3389) shall be holy.'

28 xk:

And the angel of the presence who went before the camp of Yis'ra'el (3478) took the tables of the divisions of the years -from the time of the creation- of the law and of the testimony of the weeks of the jubilees, according to the individual years, according to all the number of the jubilees [according, to the individual years], from the day of the [new] creation when the heavens and the earth shall be renewed and all their creation according to the powers of the heaven, and according to all the creation of the earth, until the sanctuary of Y'hovah (3068) shall be made in Y'rushalaim (3389) on Mount Tsiyon (6726), and all the luminaries be renewed for healing and for peace and for blessing for all the elect of Yis'ra'el (3478), and that thus it may be from that day and unto all the days of the earth.

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