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Yovel Jubilees 24

1 a:

And it came to pass after the death of Av'raham (85), that Y'hovah (3068) blessed Yits'chaq (3327) his son, and he arose from Chev'ron (2275) and went and dwelt at the Well of the Vision in the first year of the third week [2073 A.M.] of this jubilee, seven years.

2 b:

And in the first year of the fourth week a famine began in the land, [2080 A.M.] besides the first famine, which had been in the days of Av'raham (85).

3 g:

And Ya'aqov (3290) sod lentil pottage, and Esav (6215) came from the field hungry. And he said to Ya'aqov (3290) his brother: 'Give me of this red pottage.' And Ya'aqov (3290) said to him: 'Sell to me thy [primogeniture, this] birthright and I will give thee bread, and also some of this lentil pottage.'

4 d:

And Esav (6215) said in his heart: 'I shall die; of what profit to me is this birthright?

5 h:

'And he said to Ya'aqov (3290): 'I give it to thee.' And Ya'aqov (3290) said: 'Swear to me, this day,' and he sware unto him.

6 w:

And Ya'aqov (3290) gave his brother Esav (6215) bread and pottage, and he eat till he was satisfied, and Esav (6215) despised his birthright; for this reason was Esav (6215)'s name called Edom (123), on account of the red pottage which Ya'aqov (3290) gave him for his birthright.

7 z:

And Ya'aqov (3290) became the elder, and Esav (6215) was brought down from his dignity.

8 x:

And the famine was over the land, and Yits'chaq (3327) departed to go down into Mits'rayim (4714) in the second year of this week, and went to the one reigning of the P'lish'tim (6430) to G'rar (1642), unto Avimelekh (40).

9 j:

And Y'hovah (3068) appeared unto him and said unto him: 'Go not down into Mits'rayim (4714) ; dwell in the land that I shall tell thee of, and sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee and bless thee.

10 y:

For to thee and to thy seed will I give all this land, and I will establish My oath which I sware unto Av'raham (85) thy father, and I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all this land.

11 ay:

And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because thy father obeyed My voice, and kept My charge and My commandments, and My laws, and My ordinances, and My covenant; and now obey My voice and dwell in this land.'

12 by:

And he dwelt in Gelar three weeks of years.

13 gy:

And Avimelekh (40) charged concerning him, [2080-2101 A.M.] and concerning all that was his, saying: 'Any man that shall touch him or aught that is his shall surely die.'

14 dy:

And Yits'chaq (3327) waxed strong among the P'lish'tim (6430), and he got many possessions, oxen and sheep and camels and asses and a great household.

15 hj:

And he sowed in the land of the P'lish'tim (6430) and brought in a hundred-fold, and Yits'chaq (3327) became exceedingly great, and the P'lish'tim (6430) envied him.

16 wj:

Now all the wells which the servants of Av'raham (85) had dug during the life of Av'raham (85), the P'lish'tim (6430) had stopped them after the death of Av'raham (85), and filled them with earth.

17 zy:

And Avimelekh (40) said unto Yits'chaq (3327): 'Go from us, for thou art much mightier than we', and Yits'chaq (3327) departed thence in the first year of the seventh week, and sojourned in the valleys of G'rar (1642).

18 xy:

And they digged again the wells of water which the servants of Av'raham (85), his father, had digged, and which the P'lish'tim (6430) had closed after the death of Av'raham (85) his father, and he called their names as Av'raham (85) his father had named them.

19 jy:

And the servants of Yits'chaq (3327) dug a well in the valley, and found living water, and the shepherds of G'rar (1642) strove with the shepherds of Yits'chaq (3327), saying: 'The water is ours'; and Yits'chaq (3327) called the name of the well 'Perversity', because they had been perverse with us.

20 k:

And they dug a second well, and they strove for that also, and he called its name 'Enmity'. And he arose from thence and they digged another well, and for that they strove not, and he called the name of it 'Room', and Yits'chaq (3327) said: 'Now Y'hovah (3068) hath made room for us, and we have increased in the land.'

21 ak:

And he went up from thence to the Well of the Oath in the first year of the first week in the [2108 A.M.] forty-fourth jubilee.

22 bk:

And Y'hovah (3068) appeared to him that night, on the new moon of the first month, and said unto him: 'I am the Elohim (430) of Av'raham (85) thy father; fear not, for I am with thee, and shall bless thee and shall surely multiply thy seed as the sand of the earth, for the sake of Av'raham (85) my servant.'

23 gk:

And he built an altar there, which Av'raham (85) his father had first built, and he called upon the name of Y'hovah (3068), and he offered sacrifice to the Elohim (430) of Av'raham (85) his father.

24 dk:

And they digged a well and they found living water.

25 hk:

And the servants of Yits'chaq (3327) digged another well and did not find water, and they went and told Yits'chaq (3327) that they had not found water, and Yits'chaq (3327) said: 'I have sworn this day to the P'lish'tim (6430) and this thing has been announced to us.'

26 wk:

And he called the name of that place the Well of the Oath; for there he had sworn to Avimelekh (40) and Ahuzzath his friend and Phikhol (6369) the prefect Or his host.

27 zk:

And Yits'chaq (3327) knew that day that under constraint he had sworn to them to make peace with them.

28 xk:

And Yits'chaq (3327) on that day cursed the P'lish'tim (6430) and said: 'Cursed be the P'lish'tim (6430) unto the day of wrath and indignation from the midst of all nations; may Elohim (430) make them a derision and a curse and an object of wrath and indignation in the hands of the sinners the nations and in the hands of the Kittim.

29 jk:

And whoever escapes the sword of the enemy and the Kittim, may the righteous nation root out in judgment from under heaven; for they shall be the enemies and foes of my children throughout their generations upon the earth.

30 l:

And no remnant shall be left to them, Nor one that shall be saved on the day of the wrath of judgment; For destruction and rooting out and expulsion from the earth is the whole seed of the P'lish'tim (6430) (reserved), And there shall no longer be left for these Caphtorim a name or a seed on the earth.

31 al:

For though he ascend unto heaven, Thence shall he be brought down, And though he make himself strong on earth, Thence shall he be dragged forth, And though he hide himself amongst the nations, even from thence shall he be rooted out; And though he descend into Sheol, There also shall his condemnation be great, And there also he shall have no peace.

32 bl:

And if he go into captivity, By the hands of those that seek his life shall they slay him on the way, And neither name nor seed shall be left to him on all the earth; For into eternal malediction shall he depart.'

33 gl:

And thus is it written and engraved concerning him on the heavenly tablets, to do unto him on the day of judgment, so that he may be rooted out of the earth.

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