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Yovel Jubilees 44

1 a:

And Yis'ra'el (3478) took his journey from Haran (2039) from his house on the new moon of the third month, and he went on the way of the Well of the Oath, and he offered a sacrifice to the Elohim (430) of his father Yits'chaq (3327) on the seventh of this month.

2 b:

And Ya'aqov (3290) remembered the dream that he had seen at Beyt El (1008), and he feared to go down into Mits'rayim (4714).

3 g:

And while he was thinking of sending word to Yoseph (3130) to come to him, and that he would not go down, he remained there seven days, if perchance he could see a vision as to whether he should remain or go down.

4 d:

And he celebrated the harvest festival of the first-fruits with old grain, for in all the land of K'na'an (3667) there was not a handful of seed [in the land], for the famine was over all the beasts and cattle and birds, and also over man.

5 h:

And on the sixteenth Y'hovah (3068) appeared unto him, and said unto him, 'Ya'aqov (3290), Ya'aqov (3290)'; and he said, 'Here am I.' And He said unto him: 'I am the Elohim (430) of thy fathers, the Elohim (430) of Av'raham (85) and Yits'chaq (3327); fear not to go down into Mits'rayim (4714), for I will there make of thee a great nation I will go down with thee, and I will bring thee up (again), and in this land shalt thou be buried, and Yoseph (3130) shall put his hands upon thy eyes.

6 w:

Fear not; go down into Mits'rayim (4714).'

7 z:

And his sons rose up, and his sons' sons, and they placed their father and their possessions upon wagons.

8 x:

And Yis'ra'el (3478) rose up from the Well of the Oath on the sixteenth of this third month, and he went to the land of Mits'rayim (4714).

9 j:

And Yis'ra'el (3478) sent Y'hudah (3063) before him to his son Yoseph (3130) to examine the Land of Goshen (1657), for Yoseph (3130) had told his brothers that they should come and dwell there that they might be near him.

10 y:

And this was the goodliest (land) in the land of Mits'rayim (4714), and near to him, for all (of them) and also for the cattle.

11 ay:

And these are the names of the sons of Ya'aqov (3290) who went into Mits'rayim (4714) with Ya'aqov (3290) their father.

12 by:

R'uven (7205), the First-born of Yis'ra'el (3478); and these are the names of his sons Chanokh (2585), and Palu (6396), and Hezron and Kar'mi (3757)-five.

13 gy:

Shim'on (8095) and his sons; and these are the names of his sons: Y'mu'el (3223), and Yamin (3226), and Ohad (161), and Yakhin (3199), and Zohar, and Shaul, the son of the Zephathite woman-seven.

14 dy:

Levi (3878) and his sons; and these are the names of his sons: Ger'shon (1648), and Kohath, and M'rari (4847)-four.

15 hj:

Y'hudah (3063) and his sons; and these are the names of his sons: Shela, and Perets (6557), and Zerach (2226)-four.

16 wj:

Yisaskhar (3485) and his sons; and these are the names of his sons: Tola (8439), and Phua, and Jasub, and Shim'ron (8110)-five.

17 zy:

Z'vulun (2074) and his sons; and these are the names of his sons: Sered (5624), and Elon, and Jahleel-four.

18 xy:

And these are the sons of Ya'aqov (3290) and their sons whom Le'ah (3812) bore to Ya'aqov (3290) in Mesopotamia, six, and their one sister, Dinah (1783) and all the souls of the sons of Le'ah (3812), and their sons, who went with Ya'aqov (3290) their father into Mits'rayim (4714), were twenty-nine, and Ya'aqov (3290) their father being with them, they were thirty.

19 jy:

And the sons of Zil'pah (2153), Le'ah (3812)'s handmaid, the wife of Ya'aqov (3290), who bore unto Ya'aqov (3290) Gad (1410) and Ashur (804).

20 k:

And these are the names of their sons who went with him into Mits'rayim (4714). The sons of Gad (1410): Ziphion, and Haggi, and Shuni (7764), and Ezbon, <and Eri>, and Areli, and Arodi-eight.

21 ak:

And the sons of Asher (836): Imnah, and Ishvah, <and Ishvi>, and Beriah, and Serah, their one sister-six.

22 bk:

All the souls were fourteen, and all those of Le'ah (3812) were forty-four.

23 gk:

And the sons of Rachel (7354), the wife of Ya'aqov (3290): Yoseph (3130) and Bin'yamin (1144).

24 dk:

And there were born to Yoseph (3130) in Mits'rayim (4714) before his father came into Mits'rayim (4714), those whom Asenath, daughter of Potiphar (6318) priest of Heliopolis bare unto him, M'nasheh (4519), and Ephrayim (669)-three.

25 hk:

And the sons of Bin'yamin (1144): Bela (1106) and Bekher (1071) and Ash'bel (788), Gera (1617), and Na'aman (5283), and Ehi, and Rosh (7220), and Muppim, and Huppim, and Ard-eleven.

26 wk:

And all the souls of Rachel (7354) were fourteen.

27 zk:

And the sons of Bil'hah (1090), the handmaid of Rachel (7354), the wife of Ya'aqov (3290), whom she bare to Ya'aqov (3290), were Dan (1835) and Naph'tali (5321).

28 xk:

And these are the names of their sons who went with them into Mits'rayim (4714). And the sons of Dan (1835) were Hushim, and SAmon (5983), and Asudi. and 'Ijaka, and Salomon-six.

29 jk:

And they died the year in which they entered into Mits'rayim (4714), and there was left to Dan (1835) Hushim alone.

30 l:

And these are the names of the sons of Naph'tali (5321) Jahziel, and Guni (1476) and Jezer, and Shallum, and 'Iv.

31 al:

And 'Iv, who was born after the years of famine, died in Mits'rayim (4714).

32 bl:

And all the souls of Rachel (7354) were twenty-six.

33 gl:

And all the souls of Ya'aqov (3290) which went into Mits'rayim (4714) were seventy souls. These are his children and his children's children, in all seventy, but five died in Mits'rayim (4714) before Yoseph (3130), and had no children.

34 dl:

And in the land of K'na'an (3667) two sons of Y'hudah (3063) died, Er and Onan (209), and they had no children, and the sons of Yis'ra'el (3478) buried those who perished, and they were reckoned among the seventy Gentile nations.

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