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1 a
'In the day, the he, he will be fountain being opened to house of David and to ones sitting of Y'rushalaim, for being sinned and for being impure.

2 b
And he will be in the day, the he, being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, I will cut off names of the ones being carved from the land, and not they will be remembered still. And also the prophets and spirit of the being unclean I will make pass from the land.

3 g
And he will be when he prophesies, man, still then they will say to him, father of him, and mother of him, ones bearing of him: 'Not you will live for falsehood you speak in name of Y'hovah'. And they will pierce him, father of him and mother of him, ones bearing of him, when to prophesy him.

4 d
And he will be in the day, the he, they will be ashamed the prophets, each from being gazed at of him, when to prophesy him of him, and not they will wrap on cloak of hair for sake of to deceive.

5 h
And he will say: 'Not prophet I, man serving ground I, for man he made possess me from ones being young of me.'

6 w
'And he will say to him: What the ones being struck the these between hands of you?And he will say: Where I was struck house of ones loving me.'

7 z
'Sword awake on one tending of me, and on one being strong, being associated of me, being declared of Y'hovah of ones being amassed, strike the one tending and let her be scattered the sheep, and I will make turn back, hand of me, on the ones being insignificant.'

8 x
And he will be in all of the earth, being declared of Y'hovah, end of twos in the her, they will be cut off, they will expire, and the one being third he will be left in the her.

9 j
And I will make go in, the one being third, through the fire; I will refine them, as to refine the silver, and I will try them as to try the gold; He, he will call on name of me, and I, I will answer him. I will say: 'People of me, he', and he, he will say: 'Y'hovah, Elohim of me.'

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